A sharp recruitment for both us and our customers

A sharp recruitment for both us and our customers

10 Januari, 2019

CheckProof has recruited a ton of energy!
Maria Lingberth is now a part of our sales team. If you have met her before, it most likely involved speed and action. She loves motorcycles, horses and exercise. Before the rest of us have barely gotten out of bed in the morning, she has already finished her first workout session. 

Maria is a committed co-worker, driven by personal meetings and by providing first-class service. Even her background is proof of this. She has, among other things, worked as a riding instructor, market assistant, and within commerce, hotels and restaurants. 

Apart from mastering the art of building close and lasting relations with our customers, she is also a very appreciated colleague. She increases the feel-good factor in the office with her warm personality and she always makes sure that the office is welcoming.  

We are so happy that you want to bee with us, Maria! 

For more information, please contact:

Håkan Holmgren, VD
+46-70-546 43 36