CheckProof for Asphalt

Asphalt industry: Optimized maintenance & integrated HSEQ

Want to ensure high availability and safe operations in your asphalt production plant or surfacing business? CheckProof’s mobile-first platform lets you streamline your processes within maintenance and HSEQ to improve workplace safety, asset availability, and compliance with standards and regulations.

4 Benefits using CheckProof for

Maintenance, Quality control, and HSE in your Asphalt business


Improved health & safety


Increased asset availability


Reduced dependence on key employees


Full HSEQ documentation

How CheckProof improves the preventive maintenance of your asphalt business

With CheckProof‘s mobile-first platform, you can create customized, easy-to-follow maintenance checklists for every step of the asphalt production and surfacing process. To further clarify each task, you can include pictures or videos. And to improve accountability and traceability, taking a photo on-site can be a mandatory part of completing certain tasks. With every check digitally logged with the specified time, location, and operator, you’ll always have full documentation for customers and third-party inspections.

Examples of maintenance checks you can include in your CheckProof platform:

Daily, weekly, and monthly inspections

Start-of-day and shut-down routines

Cleaning procedures

Step-by-step checklists for critical tasks

Condition-based maintenance checks triggered by IoT data


Software integrations for usage- and condition-based maintenance (UBM & CBM)

With CheckProof’s software for Pigeon devices, you can transfer data directly from the control systems of your production units into the platform. This lets you create automated triggers for maintenance tasks in the system based on factors such as operating hours, produced quantity, temperature, or pressure levels.

CheckProof also offers OEM integrations so you can stream telematics data from rollers, pavers, and other machines and vehicles from different manufacturers into the platform, where maintenance tasks can be triggered from fault codes, as well as at preset intervals based on usage.

Reduce the idle time of your fleet

Our integrations also let you monitor the fuel consumption and idle time of your fleet, so you can detect and take action against excessive idling. Why not encourage frontline teams to compete against each other to see who can reduce their idle time the most?

Addressing common hazards and risks in the asphalt industry

Operating in the asphalt industry means dealing with daily health and safety risks, such as:

Bitumen and burner heat hazards

Fires caused by overheating or leakage of flammable liquids

Maintaining equipment within confined spaces

Long-term health problems caused by handling toxic materials without proper protection

Asphalt production and surfacing are hectic activities with lots of heavy equipment and moving parts. If something goes wrong, and staff panic and rush into a dangerous situation mid-production, things can quickly go from bad to worse to disaster.

Preventing serious accidents requires well-documented safety procedures to ensure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Equally if not more important is a solid structure of routines, monitoring, real-time reporting, and following up to detect and avert issues before they turn into major incidents.

Additional safety assurance with CheckProof’s RFID feature

Safe operations rely on frontline staff carrying out inspections correctly every single time – even when it requires staff to climb a 20-meter silo in bad weather. To achieve a high level of compliance, you need clearly defined routines, a strong culture of accountability, and a little help from modern technology.

To make sure crucial checks have been carried out on-site, you can attach RFID tags to strategically selected parts of your equipment or facility and connect each tag to a corresponding task in the CheckProof platform. To tick the task off as completed, an employee needs to scan the tag with their mobile device.


Improved bitumen tank safety

Here’s how Cemex UK improves bitumen tank safety at their asphalt plants

Far too often, there’s a lack of standardized routines for regularly inspecting bitumen tanks once installed, as Steve Taylor, Asphalt Plant Manager at Cemex UK, shares in the video below. This means that cracks and leakages, as well as overheating, risk going undetected.

When reviewing the safety incidents of their asphalt plants, Cemex UK found that they had, on average, three bitumen kettle overflows per year. To prevent future accidents, they installed additional safety devices that monitor the airflow and control the temperature, to shut the bitumen tank off if the temperature exceeds critical levels.

The Cemex team also created customized checklists in the CheckProof app to ensure bitumen tanks are thoroughly inspected at regular intervals.

By letting an employee go around the tank in detail and look for signs of damage, we’ll get an early warning system so we can make repairs before we have an issue with the bitumen tanks. Once we started to use the CheckProof system for bitumen tank maintenance at all our plants, we found two tanks that were defective and we’ve taken those out of service.
Steve Taylor, Asphalt Plant Manager, Cemex UK

Quality control documentation for the asphalt industry

As a manufacturer and/or supplier of asphalt, you’ll have rigorous routines for quality control at every stage of the production process: from the raw material you put in, to the temperature and mix of the product you deliver to customers. Your lab technicians will have a system in place for their sample documentation. But what about visual proof of the condition of different materials or products as they enter or leave your plant?

Traceable proof of your delivered quality

CheckProof’s mobile app allows frontline staff to include photos and notations in their digital documentation. This way, you can easily record and report any quality issues of raw materials delivered to your plant by internal or external partners. And if a customer claims they’ve received burnt asphalt, you’ll have time-stamped proof of what it looked like when it left your site.

Complete HSEQ records for inspections, audits, and ISO compliance

Running your plant in compliance with local regulations and ISO certification requirements is crucial for several reasons: to ensure the health and safety of your staff, a high-quality output, and to minimize the environmental impact of your operations. To prove your compliance to third-party auditors, you need detailed logs of your HSEQ routines.

Are you tired of rushing around trying to find the right piece of paper or spreadsheet whenever there’s an unannounced inspection? Use CheckProof’s platform to automatically record all checks digitally in real-time, as they’re carried out on-site. This reduces the risk of information being lost and provides a complete and traceable record to both internal and external stakeholders whenever needed.

Follow up on incidents and deviations in a structured way

For your maintenance and HSEQ processes to impact your business long-term, you need more than effective routines. With a systematic way of following up on all reported issues, you’ll enable data-driven continuous improvement across your entire organization. For example, instead of only resolving a safety or quality issue locally, you’ll implement the solution at all similar workplaces, to prevent the same problem from occurring again elsewhere.

Data-driven continuous improvement with CheckProof

All your data in a single platform 

With CheckProof, you can gather all near-misses, incidents, deviations, non-conformities, quality issues, etc., in a single platform – regardless of whether they’re reported by frontline staff, a manager, or a customer.

Examples of issues you can log and follow up on with CheckProof: 

Accidents, injuries, near-misses, and other safety-related incidents

Complaints or warranty claims from customers (e.g., out-of-spec asphalt quality) via a form on your website

Environmental incidents (air quality issues, leakages, etc.)

Complaints from neighbors, e.g., concerning noise levels

Deviations flagged by external auditors

Suggested improvements from staff

Customized templates for a structured process

Enable issues to be dealt with in a structured way by creating customized templates that fit the specific requirements of your business, as well as relevant ISO standards, CE certifications, or local regulations. Include dropdown or free text fields for information such as what happened and where, the root cause of the issue, and the actions taken to resolve it and avoid similar incidents in the future. Perhaps there’s a need for additional training, safety equipment, or clarification of routines?

Accountability & traceability – let nothing fall through the cracks

Assign each reported issue to a responsible person (for example, the local plant manager or supervisor) and set a due date for resolving or following up on it to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Easy to share improvements across your organization

A reported issue may very well have implications beyond the local site where it occurred. Then, you can set the parameters of the ticket so it can’t be closed until it’s been confirmed that all relevant departments have been made aware of the issue and implemented a similar solution.

Turn your data into actionable insights

CheckProof lets you filter issues based on category, export reports as spreadsheets, or integrate the platform with your business intelligence systems. This enables you to detect patterns and recurring problems that require company-wide measures, making sure you invest in the right initiatives for maximum impact.

Discover how CheckProof can upgrade your asphalt operations

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