CheckProof’s services are made available during the Corona crisis

CheckProof’s services are made available during the Corona crisis

25 Mars, 2020

We make sure you are up and running
within 48 hours 

During the current situation with covid-19 affecting our everyday lives in various ways, it is crucial for companies to secure their routines, supply of materials and be able to reach the right person at the right time.
Therefore, CheckProof offers its services with start-up within 48 hours to businesses that are in urgent need of routines, efficient communication and to get an overview in order to take the right actions.

Through this, we hope to help reduce the spread of infection and to be a helping hand for you to focus on what you do best.

Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Set up existing/new checklists for routines around protective equipment, cleaning, hygiene, check-in and check-out of staff and more
  • Step by step guides and/or documentation with photos
  • Quick and targeted communication regarding material refills or to allocate/assign tasks and responsibilities

Everything is handled via an app on your smartphone which gives high accessibility and traceability.

We help you get the system up and running within 48 hours, after which you have free access to online support and can use CheckProof completely free of charge for a period of three months.

If your business sees any area in which we can benefit, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available.

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