About us

Our Story

It started in 2014 when both childhood friends Håkan Holmgren and Jonas Pålgård had seen the needs of an easier way to handle different types of checks and follow-up of routines at their respective workplaces.

Håkan has worked many years in the quarry industry, among other things, as CEO of the family company Rimbo Jord and then as process developer within Heidelberg Cement Group. He saw that there was no good and more comprehensive system that was easy to use, and gathered information such as reports and inspections.

Jonas also saw the need for, above all, an easy-to-follow system for monitoring daily inspections and repair work on the machine park within the family company Pålgårds. With his background as interface and UX-designer, he could quickly work out a prototype together with Håkan.

The existing systems that were found were made by engineers for engineers. There was no system built for those who would use it. We combine today's mobile technology with a simple interface so that all types of users can handle the system.

Today CheckProof is used by thousands of users in several countries across a wide range of industries.


Founders of CheckProof
Håkan Holmgren and Jonas Pålgård

Our Values


We want to make every day a little easier for our customers from all aspects. Everything from first contact with us to how the product works should be characterized by simplicity.


With CheckProof, our customers will clearly understand how efficient the work is and thus also how profitable it is to use the service.


We want to be seen as a company that supplies digital services of the future. A company that gives the customer what they did not know they needed.


Customizable for all your desirable needs, CheckProof is unique to your business. It feels like it is made for you.