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Our mission is to make your day easier!

CheckProof at The Maintenance Trade Fair and Conference

Our Story

It started in 2014 when both childhood friends Håkan Holmgren and Jonas Pålgård had seen the needs of an easier way to handle different types of checks and follow-up of routines at their respective workplaces.

Håkan has worked many years in the quarry industry, among other things, as CEO of the family company Rimbo Jord and then as process developer within Heidelberg Cement Group. He saw that there was no good and more comprehensive system that was easy to use, and gathered information such as reports and inspections.

Jonas also saw the need for, above all, an easy-to-follow system for monitoring daily inspections and repair work on the machine park within the family company Pålgårds. With his background as interface and UX-designer, he could quickly work out a prototype together with Håkan.

The existing systems that were found were made by engineers for engineers. There was no system built for those who would use it. We combine today's mobile technology with a simple interface so that all types of users can handle the system.

Today CheckProof is used by thousands of users in several countries across a wide range of industries.


Our Values

Keep it simple

Make it happen

Improve together

Everything about us is simple. Our product, our communication and the people who work here. We are straightforward and unpretentious, we ask questions and turn to each other for help.

Our mission is to make everyday life easier for our users, which is why we always put user-friendliness first on the agenda.

We celebrate strong wills and a can-do attitude. When we set the sights, we make sure to get there. Our approach is that everything is possible and that it’s only when we try, that we can succeed.

By believing in ourselves and our ability, we dare to challenge ready-made templates and to go our own way.

Without our employees we’re just an idea. Without our customers we’re just a product. Together we make a difference.

Our customers form an integral part of our team. We can only fulfil our promise to facilitate everyday life if we listen to our customers, understand their needs and embark on this journey together.

Workplace & Culture

CheckProof is the place for anyone enjoying team spirit and is eager to take on a mission. We are fast-growing with colleagues in different parts of the world, at different ages- with a strong driving force as a common denominator. We work hard for our mission but also to make you feel happy coming to work. Our culture anchors in positiveness, to have fun, and to know that your efforts make a difference! That’s how we build commitment and reach the stars as a team. It’s also our recipe for maintaining a small-scale corporate culture despite global growth.

Happy CheckProof employees in action

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