Secure a safe return to work

Due to covid-19, routines have taken on a new meaning and the conditions for many businesses have changed considerably. Companies are now faced with taking an overall approach to manage the effects of the pandemic. A priority action is to support employees to adapt to the new normal and to ensure safe workplaces.

CheckProof strengthens your organization at every stage and facilitates the important work you have ahead of you. We help you get the system up and running within 48 hours. Book a demo today.

  • Implement checklists for routines around eg protective equipment, cleaning, hygiene, check-in and check-out of staff
  • Increase compliance with procedures and rules
  • Strengthen internal communication
  • Find new effective ways of working
  • Minimize unplanned costs
  • Get full traceability and support for action
  • Remotely instruct with photos and step by step-guides on your mobile
  • Communicate real-time information and actions or assign tasks and responsibilities

This is CheckProof

Ensure routines and optimize work with customized checklists and
case reporting from your mobile device.


CheckProof is the ideal tool for digitize your work with preventive maintenance, quality and health & safety.

Use the App for:

  • All types of check-ups (quality controls)
  • Safety rounds, risk assessment and much more
  • Fluid level reporting for any type of equipment
  • Deviation reporting & handling
  • Incident reporting such as work accidents, near hits and safety observations
In the app there is an offline mode that allows use where there is no reception or wireless network available.