Pålgårds sees the benefits of digitizing

Daily maintenance of a machines and equipment is essential for keeping unnecessary repair costs down. Often this is still done by pen and paper as a tool. With a larger machine park, this work will be almost in vain when paper patches are collected, not to mention when a repair case needs to be documented and handed over to responsible persons.


Pålgård & Söner Kran AB has a number of work sites in Sweden and has been active in the port and terminal handling areas since the 70's. With a machine park consisting of material handling equipment, wheel loaders, and trucks it is essential that daily maintenance is handled in a simple way.

– With the help of CheckProof, we know that the control we require from the drivers is made and followed. If someone finds a deviating error on a machine or vehicle, this will be reported very smoothly with a few clicks. Today, you also have a camera in the form of a phone or tablet, which means that our mechanics can see the error described not only in text but also with images, "says Andreas Pålgård.

Since 2015, the company has used CheckProof in its daily operations, and in addition to checklists with regulatory controls, it also reports the filling of fluids such as fuel, lubricants, etc. into the system.

– Now we can see fuel and different lubricants, which makes it easier for compilations and for our ISO work," says Andreas Pålgård.

Simplicity in focus

– What makes CheckProof so good is the simplicity. And it's important when it comes to new digital technology. We have staff of all ages and for such a system to work, everyone must be able to use it, David Tillberg complements, to the daily supervisor and operator in port of Hargshamn.

That preventive maintenance can save money is hardly any news, but it is also about safety and work environment.

– By building and customizing the checklists used for different enforcement inspections, we can also insert checkpoints that ensure that the machine is in a condition that makes it safe to operate both for the operator and also for the environment," says Andreas Pålgård.

With the help of CheckProof, we can ensure that the control we require from the operators is made and followed.

Andreas Pålgård

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Pålgårds sees the benefits of digitizing

Daily maintenance of a machines and equipment is essential for keeping unnecessary repair costs down.

Industry: Fleet