Easy to use App is available for iOS and Android.

Control Panel

Administrators have access to the cloud based Web Portal.

Cloud Based

CheckProof runs safely and securely from the cloud.

Customized Checklists

Drag-n-drop interface where you build your own checklists with different intervals.

Deviation Handling

Report and manage deviations. Attach photos, comments, documents, standstill and much more!


Receive notifications via email when deviations are reported and edited as well as check-ups are carried out.

Share & Export

Share check-ups and deviations via email and export to PDF and Excel.


Map exactly where check-ups have been performed as well as where pictures of a deviation have been taken.


CheckProof is currently available in English, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.

Fluid reporting

Easily report fluids such as fuel, oils etc. Export fluid reports to Excel and much more.

User Permissions

Set unique permissions on users based on sites and sections.

External API

Use our external API to connect CheckProof to any other system.