Integrate HSE in your day to day work

Build an all-star HSE team

Commitment and responsibility keep workers safe and reduces environmental impact. Get HSE on everyone's agenda to protect the future success and growth of your business.

HSE strategy in action

Safety Rounds & Observations

Incident & Case reporting

Work Processes Safe Job Analysis

Self-checks PPE

Fire protection Controls

Supervisory Rounds

Internal Audits

Fluid consumption reporting

Deviation Management

Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Measures

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Maintenance system CheckProof

Safety is the most important thing to us. That’s why we need to ensure that we do the same procedure every day.

Jan Nilsson - CEO, Skara Sommarland
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Digitally enable your Frontline

Mobile-first checklists and case reporting set a new standard for your safety culture! It becomes easier to do the right thing at the right time with full traceability in place. When submitting checklists, deviations or incidents, the responsible automatically gets notified with all info needed to act.

Increase Incident & Case reporting

CheckProofs' user-friendly app makes reporting easier than ever. Overcoming obstacles like not updated or non-available forms, lack of information, or lack of time.

Get your routines in place

Scheduled safety checks with features like push notifications, assigned responsible, step-by-step guides, and mandatory control points help to keep your workers out of harm every day.

Overview of recurring HSE deviations

The CheckProof admin panel enables you to categorize, filter and search - helping you find exactly what you're looking for and give you insights on HSE issues. You can easily track safety observations or other data years back in time.

Compliance to regulations & standards

Increase traceability and follow-up of inspections, rounds, and various HSE procedures. Facilitate compliance and documentation according to regulations and standards, like ISO 45001.

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Covid-19 Measures

Due to Covid-19, routines have taken on a whole new meaning and the conditions for many industries have changed. Companies are now faced with taking a holistic approach to their activities to best manage pandemic effects. A priority action is to support employees to adapt to the new normal and to secure safe workplaces. CheckProof strengthens the organization at all levels and facilitates the important work you are doing.

Checklists for protective equipment, cleaning, hygiene, check-in and check-out of staff

Make communication easier between Teams and Departments

Help analyze effective ways of working and be cost-efficient

Get the data to make crucial decisions

Instruct and document remotely with pictures and step-by-step guides

Communicate real-time information, actions or assign tasks and responsibilities

Illustration of mobile solutions to support Covid-19 measures

Incident & Case Management

Make it easier for everyone to report critical matters or to share ideas on how to work preventative with Health, Safety and Environment. Incident & Case Management includes a predefined workflow of required steps to follow before cases can be cleared and closed.

Worker in electric mini car using CheckProof App


Monitor work efforts in real-time, take action whenever needed, and measure how you are doing. Learn from your experiences and make sure positive trends are increasing. Documentation from audits can be used to compare improvements and issues from year to year, identify trends, pinpoint risk, and create new safety initiatives based on audit data. Make sure that your team is doing what they’re supposed to, to keep safe. Develop and implement HSE methods and routines.

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Marine frontline worker follows safety routines

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