Efficient routines and processes for maintenance, inspection and control of a technical assets is mission critical for our customers. It is a matter of minimizing unnecessary downtime and accidents just as being able to safeguard quality, having control of costs and increase ones profitability.

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  • Ongoing preventive maintenance controls such as lubrication schedules and safety checks
  • Service intervals, Inspections & Certificates
  • Reporting and managing deviations
  • Multiple odometer readings for several engines
  • Report and manage incidents such as work accidents, near hits, safety observations etc.
  • Customized ship data sheet with relevant information

A safer and more accessible business in focus

Blidösundsbolaget, a Swedish shipping company based in Stockholm are using CheckProof on their 18 ferries for quality & safety inspections and maintenance work.

– Maintenance is a key aspect. We aim to provide a safe and accessible service, and must demonstrate to the supervisory authorities that we are reliable and know our responsibilities, says Fredrik Liw, Technical Manager at Blidösundsbolaget.

Save time, money and life

Our system makes int easy for our customers to implement simple and efficient processes and routines. This allows them to keep a high and consistent quality as well as saving lots of money, contributing to an increased profitability and a more carefree everyday life.

The user-friendly App let's your users perform inspections and report deviations and incidents as easily as possible.

  • Reduces maintenance and quality deficiency costs
  • Increase reporting of incidents and risk observations
  • Facilitates administration, time-saving
  • Helps increase compliance with applicable laws
  • Provides support for ISO/Lean/HSEQ
  • API for third-party integrations
AB Styrhytten has its own workshop and service team and with hundreds of units in operation daily, CheckProof is an important tool.
Pelle Axelsson, CEO
It has provided us with a more structured electronical way of communicating and better time management.
Jan Sigfridsson, Production & Planning
With the help of CheckProof, we can ensure that the control we require from the operators is made and followed.
Andreas Pålgård