Digitize Maintenance to maximize the availability and performance of your assets

How do you standardize your Maintenance Procedures?

Connect Frontline workers to drive high-quality data and empower continuity. 
It allows you to run world-class maintenance that is both cost-effective and sustainable.


Preventive Maintenance

Condition-based Maintenance

Supportive Maintenance

Service follow-up

Inspection follow-up

Logging consumption of fuels and oils

Downtime reporting

Calibration follow-up

Seamless production communication

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Mobile first checklists and case reporting
It brings us continuity across all our operations in a single platform.

Kevin Cage, Head of UK Operations, CEMEX UK
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Full coverage gives you full control

CheckProof seamlessly streams frontline activities as well as asset data into one structured overview. Enabling you to act instantly, and to turn data into knowledge - so that you're always one step ahead.

Every day consistency

Use digital checklists with step-by-step guides, mandatory control points, and image documentation to make it easier to get consistency, regardless of when a maintenance check is performed or by whom.


Minimize drawn-out or unanswered cases. Add smart digital functions to secure necessary checkpoints and details of who, when, and how. Easily follow case status to be sure nothing falls between the cracks.


Increase work efficiency with smooth workflow and digital documentation. Predefined maintenance intervals, condition-based or by operating hours, result in fewer repairs and minimizes unplanned downtime.

Preventive Maintenance

With CheckProof, you prevent firefighting actions, for example by setting up preventive maintenance triggers on critical equipment. The admin panel gives you easy access to instant information and can detect irregularities at an early stage, allowing you and your team to act in time.
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Our customers think CheckProof ...

Is easy to use
Creates a better structure
Improves documentation & traceability

Make data your best friend

Track and secure your maintenance in real-time. From an overall view down to specific issues and fluid levels on individual machines. Get all the data you need AND the tools to turn information into action, ensuring positive trends.

Frontline workers report high quality data with an app

Automated processes

Digitize your workflow to make sure everything is available when and where it's needed. By setting responsible, mandatory tasks, due dates and follow ups, you add automation to your maintenance process - boosting efficiency while minimizing human error. For full coverage, add your Externals to enable orders directly through CheckProof.

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Game changing maintenance

Preventive maintenance is core for high availability and operation-based maintenance is vital for keeping top notch equipment. Connect your machines to CheckProof and stream your entire process plant for automated triggered maintenance tasks. With high sensitivity, CheckProof can detect irregularities at an early stage, for example before it appears in a machine's cab.

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