Midroc Europe invests in CheckProof

Midroc Europe invests in CheckProof

7 Mars, 2018

With the investment, Midroc Europe becomes a new partner in CheckProof. The new partnership means that more customers in the construction and industrial sectors will be able to access digital maintenance services.

In 2017, Midroc Europe and CheckProof carried out several pilot projects together. One of them was carried out in Hofors by one of Midroc's customers, where CheckProof was used in the ongoing maintenance contract.

- We were in dire need of a system that could facilitate us in our daily work. We got the opportunity to test working with CheckProof and that has really helped tremendously, the biggest advantage is how easy it is to use, says Joakim Sundberg, Project Manager for Midroc in Hofors.

Thus, after several successful pilot projects, Midroc Europe invests in CheckProof, and becomes part-owner with 26.7%. The investment enables Checkproof to build up the organization and to further develop the system.

- We started CheckProof 3 years ago and so much has happened since then. Today we have several large customers in various industries and businesses, including several multinational companies. As Midroc is the market leader in the industrial sector, they are a perfect partner. With Midroc we not only raise capital but a huge amount of expertise and experience, says Håkan Holmgren, CEO and founder of CheckProof.

- For us, the investment in CheckProof means the start of a long-term collaboration. With the partnership, we can now also broaden Midroc's offer. We really believe in the product and see that it fills a void that exists in the industry today, says Christer Wikström, one of the CEOs at Midroc.

For more information, please contact:

Håkan Holmgren, CEO, CheckProof, 070-546 43 36, hakan.holmgren@checkproof.com

Anders Taflin, Head of Market, Midroc Contracting, anders.taflin@midroc.se