More vessels in the Stockholm archipelago now use CheckProof to keep track of their maintenance

More vessels in the Stockholm archipelago now use CheckProof to keep track of their maintenance 

18 December, 2019

Since the autumn of 2019, Blidösundsbolaget now also operate Waxholmsbolaget’s vessels. In connection with the transition, they are now replacing their existing maintenance systems with CheckProof, which now will be used for all of the 36 vessels.  

Blidösundsbolaget is one of Sweden’s largest archipelago shipping companies, which carries out both procured and commercial boat services in the Stockholm archipelago and lake Mälaren. In 2016, they implemented CheckProof into their maintenance work for the company’s twelve own vessels, among others the well-known steamboat S/S Blidösund, from 1911. 

- The best aspect of CheckProof is the overall view, that all tasks are gathered, so that both incoming and outgoing crew can keep track of all the chains of events. And that those of us who also work in the office can see what is going on out in the field. To me personally, it has created a sense of security, says Fredrik Liw, Technical Manager at Blidösundsbolaget. 

Since Blidösundsbolaget now also has started to operate Waxholmsbolaget’s vessels, they can see the benefits in expanding the use of CheckProof to all vessels.   

- We are very satisfied with CheckProof, which also has been very perceptive towards our needs. The system increases the opportunities for us to improve our work, e.g. by finding patterns in error alerts. Another reason why we chose CheckProof for the entire fleet is the flexibility. We can adjust the system after time and needs, which makes it a sustainable solution, says Fredrik Liw. 

For more information, please contact:
Håkan Holmgren, VD
+46-70-546 43 36

Se filmen där Fredrik och hans kollegor berättar mer om hur de använder CheckProof.