CheckProof's OEM solution

Boost your product offer – and customer satisfaction

Delivering great machines isn’t enough. To stay competitive, you need to provide best-in-class service and availability guarantees. Discover the platform that optimizes your customers’ asset management while gathering all the data you need in one place.

CheckProof every step of your OEM process



Quality inspection in manufacturing

Deviation handling of quality issues



Create / set up digital commissioning

Routines for individual projects

Deviation / defect handling in project



Digital maintenance for customer

Easy follow-up warranty claims


Service/Customer Care

Service reports

Digital feedback / customer communication



Increased customer productivity and availability

Less quality deficiency cost / problems

CheckProof’s OEM solution features

Customized checklists

Create customized, interactive checklists with predefined maintenance schedules for each machine – and monitor whether or not routines are being followed.

Telematics data

Stream your telematics data into CheckProof to automatically trigger maintenance tasks based on usage.


Receive immediate notifications of issues and deviations and respond to customers directly through the app.

Instant communication

Get alerted of issues or deviations when they appear.

Eyes and ears on site

Customer can add video, pictures, and annotate to make deviations crystal clear.

Mirrored account

For a 360-degree OEM support offer, you need to see what your customer sees.

"We saw a need of building a bridge between the OEMs and their customers"

CheckProof CEO Håkan Holmgren about the struggles seen while working closely with both manufacturers and producers, and how CheckProof OEM solution benefits both sides.


1. Empower frontline operators

High asset availability relies on proper maintenance, which in turn relies on clear and accessible routines. Static manuals and brief on-site training sessions belong in the past. CheckProof’s OEM solution lets you create customized, interactive and mobile-first checklists for each machine. This way, your customers’ frontline operators can use and look after their new equipment in an optimal way from day one.

2. Gather telematics and frontline data in a single platform

Monitoring your machines through telematics data is crucial for any modern OEM. But what about the things sensors can’t detect? CheckProof gives you the full picture by logging all inspections and deviations reported by your customers. And thanks to our API, you can connect your existing telematics system to our platform. This means you’ll gather data from all sources in a single place.

3. Help customers manage a multi-brand fleet

Some OEMs develop their own maintenance apps to help their customers look after their machines. That’s a great solution – in a world where customers are only using one brand. But in reality, your customers’ operations rely on a multitude of machines, vehicles, and other assets from a wide range of manufacturers. But you can hardly expect frontline operators to use a separate app for each brand. Through CheckProof’s integrations, your customers can access routines for a diverse fleet in a single app.​

4. Provide proactive service

CheckProof’s platform perfectly mirrors your customers’ view of the equipment they've bought from you, including frontline reports and telematics data. This enables you to predict and prevent potential problems by offering your customers the right service or spare part in time. Your support team can also receive and respond to alerts from customers directly through the app.

5. End tiresome warranty discussions – once and for all

As a manufacturer, you want to offer generous availability guarantees – but only if your customers fulfill their part of the deal. Since CheckProof logs all maintenance checks conducted by your customers, both parties have full documentation of what has (and hasn’t) been done. Settling warranty issues has never been simpler.

Top benefits of CheckProof’s OEM solution

For you as an OEM

Provide a modern, complete, and competitive offer that strengthens your position on the market.

Detect potential issues earlier to enable more proactive customer service – and increased opportunities for spare parts sales.

Get full documentation of customers’ routine compliance in case of any warranty discussions.

Access monitored data from both sensors and frontline users, providing deeper insights for future product development.

For your customers

Clear instructions to help maximize the value of their investment.

Faster onboarding of staff on how to use machines and equipment.

More efficient service, resulting in less unplanned downtime.

Full transparency in case of warranty issues.

Ready to upgrade your offer?

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