We get inspired by the next generation

We get inspired by the next generation 

10 Oktober, 2019

CheckProof participated in the annual Norrtälje Educational Day, a fair aimed at students in 9th grade to support their choice of further education.    

The fair included both representatives from different industries and organisations, together with upper secondary schools, universities and curious students.   

To us, the fair resulted in a lot more than just answering questions and informing about what we do. We had the privilege of becoming involved in the next generation’s thoughts, ideas and visions. A valuable and very rewarding experience that both gives us perspective and makes us aware of the demands that co-workers of the future will have on digital work processes.   

It is becoming more and more important that we as an employer can meet the competences and expectations that can be found within digital fields. It does not only involve transferring information from paper to screen, it is also about behaviour and approach. CheckProof is in the middle of the eye of the digitalisation storm, where development is progressing rapidly and where it sometimes can be an advantage to take things slow to achieve the best result. To us, it is all about starting with the user to see how we can, in the best way possible, create benefits at the same time as we facilitate everyday life. We can achieve this by being perceptive towards existing needs, both today and in the future.  

We would like to thank Norrtälje Municipality for a great arrangement and all the students who inspired us!  

For more information, please contact:

Linn Karlsson, Head of Market and Sales
+46-73-778 47 52

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