CheckProof for Aggregates

Digitalized maintenance, HSE, and quality control for aggregates & recycling

Increase the productivity and asset availability of your aggregate business through frontline digitalization with CheckProof’s mobile-first platform. Streamline your maintenance and HSEQ processes to improve workplace safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance, while collecting data to optimize operations across your business.

4 benefits of CheckProofing your aggregates production


Increased asset availability


Reduced key-person dependency


Improved workplace safety


Traceable quality control

Preventive maintenance for all aggregate applications

To achieve long-term success in the industry, you need to establish yourself as a reliable supplier of high-quality aggregate material at a competitive price. This requires your crushers, screeners, and yellow fleet to always operate at maximum availability and productivity at all your quarries and processing plants – without compromising on safety or cost-effectiveness. Optimizing your maintenance is key to striking the right balance.

Customized checklists and frontline reporting in a user-friendly app

CheckProof’s mobile-first platform lets you create customized, easy-to-follow maintenance checklists for all stages of the aggregate production process. You can include clarifying pictures or videos, or make taking a photo a mandatory step when completing certain tasks.

All checks are automatically logged with time, location, and operator in the app. This enables you to monitor routine compliance internally, as well as provide customers and third-party auditors with complete records if needed. And if a staff member spots a defect, they can simply submit a deviation report directly from the checklist on their mobile device.

Examples of maintenance checks you can include in your CheckProof platform:

Daily, weekly, and monthly inspections

Start-of-day and shut-down routines

Cleaning procedures

Step-by-step checklists for critical tasks

Condition-based maintenance checks triggered by IoT data


Usage- and condition-based maintenance through IoT and OEM integrations

In addition to time-based maintenance, you can base your routine intervals on actual usage for further accuracy. CheckProof offers API integrations with well-known OEMs, as well as a self-developed software solution for Pigeon devices. This enables real-time data streaming  from connected machines, vehicles, sensors, and asset control systems directly into the CheckProof platform.

When a monitored value – such as operating hours, energy consumption, fuel level, or produced quantity – exceeds or falls below a pre-set level, a maintenance task will automatically be triggered in the platform. This makes your preventive maintenance more accurate and cost-effective. It also lets you detect and avert potential safety hazards at an earlier stage.

Tackle excessive idling through fleet optimization

You can also use CheckProof’s platform to reduce your CO2 emissions and fuel costs by monitoring your mobile fleet's fuel consumption and idle time. Detect where there’s room for improvement, and implement gamification elements to motivate frontline staff to break bad habits and end excessive idling.

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Health & safety routines for aggregates production

Common health and safety risks in the aggregates industry are:

Collapses in quarries

Getting hit by moving or falling objects

Getting caught in moving equipment

Exposure to dust

If frontline workers fail to follow the required safety procedures, the consequences can be fatal. Therefore, all routines for HSE compliance must be clear, accessible, and operator-independent. Similarly, reporting a safety observation from the field should be as simple as taking a picture, entering some details, and submitting the information directly from the operator’s mobile device.
Just as with maintenance, CheckProof’s platform lets you set up easy-to-follow checklists for all your recurring safety inspections. The system also automatically alerts the right person of any safety deviations reported by frontline staff.
Examples of Checkproof’s safety features:

Checklists for recurring safety inspections

Incident and safety observation reporting

PPE self-inspections

Processes for safe job analysis (SJA)

Documentation of LOTOTO (Lock-Out, Tag-Out, Try-Out)

Mobile-first checklists & Audits

RFID technology for additional safety assurance

How can ensure that an inspection isn’t just ticked off on a list, but actually performed at your quarry or processing plant? Attach RFID tags to crucial places around your premises and connect the tags to corresponding tasks in CheckProof. This way, the frontline operator can scan the RFID tag to quickly access the correct checklist – and confirm they’ve completed it on-site.

Routines that support your compliance with environmental regulations

As an aggregate producer, you need to ensure your quarries and processing plants comply with local permit requirements and minimize the harmful impact of your operations on the surrounding environment. This is another area that requires clear routines and documentation.

In CheckProof’s platform, you can set up customized checklists for self-inspection procedures, log all inspection rounds, and enable frontline staff to report deviations from their mobile devices. This helps you prevent, detect, and resolve issues that could otherwise lead to complaints from the public or getting heavily fined – or even shut down – by local authorities. You’ll also be able to present external auditors with records that prove your regulatory compliance.


Traceable quality control for your aggregates production

The aggregate products you deliver to your customers’ projects – from concrete production and road construction to drainage systems and landscaping – need to fulfill very specific requirements. These are often linked to CE certification. Structured processes for sampling, testing, and documenting your product quality, as well as following up on deviations, will help you continuously improve your products – and prevent costly warranty claims.

CheckProof supports your quality control processes through step-by-step checklists for all your quality assurance routines – from the calibration of lab equipment to weekly quality walks to check your stockpiles. Your frontline staff can easily document and report any non-conformities or contaminations spotted. This enables you to take the right action in time to prevent recurring problems by, for example, mending a hole in the grid of your screening equipment.

Examples of quality control features in CheckProof’s platform:

Step-by-step instructions for internal audits and self-inspections

Checklists and automated reminders for recurring testing procedures

Checklists for lab equipment calibration

Log/reminders for external inspections/certificates

Visual recording of product quality delivered to and from your premises

Structured reporting and following up on quality deviations

Best practice

Continuous improvement with Jehander

The data allows us to manage our operations effectively and draw conclusions about how to optimize our production process. It’s not enough to look at one machine at one site – we need to see how it all works together and put it into context. CheckProof is a great tool for that.
Alex Grossmann, Product Quality Manager, Jehander

From their eleven quarries, aggregate producer Jehander (part of the HeidelbergCement Group) provides construction material to building and infrastructure projects across Sweden. So how does Jehander maintain top-notch quality in every delivery?

Since 2015, they’ve been using CheckProof to improve their production processes, quality control, and preventive maintenance. The platform’s data-driven insights benefit the whole organization.


Let structured incident management boost your continuous improvement

By systematically documenting and following up on reported issues related to maintenance and HSEQ, you’ll enable data-driven optimization across your business. Here’s how CheckProof helps you achieve this in a structured and efficient way:

All relevant data in a single platform

Gather all reports of near-misses, incidents, defects, deviations, non-conformities, quality issues, etc. in the same platform, regardless of who’s submitted them: frontline staff, a manager, or a customer.

Examples of issues you can log and follow up on with CheckProof:

Safety incidents such as accidents, injuries, and near-misses

Customer complaints or warranty claims (e.g. out-of-spec quality) via your website forms

Environmental incidents (noise levels, dust, fuel leakages etc.)

Compliance issues from external auditors

Suggested improvements from staff

Customized templates for a structured process

Set up customized templates to ensure all issues are managed in a way that fits the specific requirements of your company, relevant ISO standards, CE certifications, or local regulations. Use dropdown or free text fields to collect information on what happened and where, the root cause analysis, and the measures taken to resolve the issue and prevent it from occurring again.

Increased accountability & traceability

To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, assign a responsible person and set a due date for when they need to confirm that the issue has been resolved or followed up on.

Knowledge-sharing across your company

If an issue occurs in one part of your organization, it could easily happen elsewhere. Set the parameters of the ticket so it can’t be closed until all relevant departments have implemented a solution that will prevent them from running into the same problem at a later stage.

Data-driven insights

CheckProof lets you filter issues based on category, export reports as spreadsheets, or integrate the platform with your business intelligence systems. This enables you to detect patterns and recurring problems that need to be tackled on a business-wide level.

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