Digital Deviation Management with App reporting

Easily report and manage deviations.

App screenshot of deviation list and details

Report deviations from wherever. Whenever. On everything.

With CheckProof, deviations and faults are reported quick and easy from your mobile device. Report from the app start view for instant access when discovering irregularities, or create a deviation during a check, directly in the checklist.

Frontline worker reports deviations with a user friendly app

Key Features

Add photos

Write comments

Tag other users & groups

Add documents

Add downtime and work time

Set due  dates

Share with others

Export to Excel and PDF

Book a demo
App screenshot of key features when reporting deviations

Add your own labels

Use labels for deviations, for example to supplement and prioritize within pre set status. Labels can also help organize different teams, departments or other properties relevant to you.

Set responsible users 

Set a user or a group responsible for a deviation. Responsible users are notified in their mobile and the deviation is added to individual My Task-lists.

Set due dates

Set a deadline for deviations to be cleared. Add reminders to make sure your team act according to plan.


Allow users to get notifications when a deviation is created and edited on selected units and rounds.

The quality control of products that leave our factory where we use CheckProof, and the visibility of our production status, have been improved.
Sven Hoerschkes, Vice President Key Account, Dealer & OEM Manager for Aggregates, FLSMidth
Customer Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words

Avoid misunderstandings and time-consuming dialogues on deviations and errors. Add pictures and annotate, for example circling the exact error location, to make reports extra clear. The repairer immediately identifies which tools or spare parts are needed to be prepared on arrival.

Mobile reporting with photo and annotation

Keep track of your tasks

With My tasks, you always know what needs to be done and what tasks you are responsible for. Keep track of scheduled checks and deviations assigned to you. My tasks are available from both the app and the admin panel on your computer.

App screenshot of My task list with deviations

Two-way communication

Smooth workflows and quick actions depend on successful communication. Make sure information always reaches the right person at the right time, using one single digital platform for Frontline and Office, as well as different departments. Integrate follow ups and feedback with your Deviation Management to maintain commitment and promote a continuous dialogue.

Two way communication illustrated with tagged text messages

There’s more! Add items, fluids and documents

Add different elements connected to your deviations, like items, fluids and documents. Your time can be spent on other things than searching through different folders and emails. Now it's easy to find that specific PDF document, for that specific service, for that specific deviation.

Icons showing elements added to CheckProof deviation management
Dashboard showing deviation overview and how to filter

Traceability at a glance

With a few clicks, you can orient through large amounts of data and obtain specific information about your deviations. Search, categorize and filter, for example, on rectified or overdue deviations. With complete traceability, you can go days, or years, back in time to see how a deviation was managed. The information is always available, even if the personnel involved are not.

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