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Use an all in one, digital tool with smartness to coordinate HSEQ and Maintenance, making smooth workflows a piece of cake.

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Deviation Management

Incident and Case Management

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For us at Cemex, it’s been a real game changer.
Paul Carey, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, CEMEX UK
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Full supply chain visibility

Involve everyone and monitor your production process in real time. Track Team performance and increase competitive decision making. Boosting your return on investment.

Seamless Communication

Connect everyone to a single, digital platform. With data and information traveling with the speed of light, new possibilities arise and you're enabled to act and make instant adjustments in the production chain.

Continuous Improvement

CheckProof is your ultimate tool to manage Continuous Improvement. Use to map, identify and investigate bottlenecks in the production process. Analyze and streamline workflows and report results and progress to the Company Management

Team Engagement

With CheckProof, follow-ups are a given success factor. Set notifications when cases or improvements are updated, help maintain commitment and promote a continuous dialogue with both Frontline and Office Teams..

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Data-driven decisions

In the era of digital transformation, data is becoming essential to business operation. Bad data gives you poor information quality which, for example, affects the evaluation of methods. With mobile checklists and case reporting, you facilitate the gathering, traceability, handling and follow-up of data.

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People and resource management

CheckProof platform helps you to plan and control procedures for machines and equipment. It also helps employees to quickly adapt to changes in equipment and schedule. Detailed reports makes it possible to predict staffing needs, minimizing the risk of capital equipment downtime, as well as the loss of effort, time and materials.

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of data inaccuracy is caused by lack of communication between departments

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