CheckProof Planning Tool

Resource allocation as it should be

Who’s doing what and when? Effective asset maintenance requires effective resource allocation. Manage your tasks and team members at all your sites from one place with CheckProof’s planning tool.


Can your current resource planning system keep up with reality?

At each of your sites and every day of the week, there’s a list of tasks to be completed and a frontline team to carry them out. It’s all very simple and straightforward. At least in theory.

In reality, however, tasks constantly need to be reassigned, rescheduled, and reprioritized because of, for example, employee sickness or equipment malfunction. What looked like a bullet-proof plan on Monday morning may very well have turned into a right old mess by Wednesday afternoon. Especially if you still rely on spreadsheets or on-premise notice boards for your week-on-week planning.

Your week, tasks, and workforce planning – all at your fingertips

Accurate and flexible staff scheduling is a crucial part of your business’s overall resource optimization. CheckProof’s planning tool helps you tackle daily resource allocation challenges by gathering all scheduled tasks in a single view.

The full version of this feature is exclusively available on desktop and allows you as a manager to:


Pre-set views

Filter out and create pre-set views for any sites you have admin access to.

Toggle views

Toggle between a week-on-week calendar view and a task-based list view.


Create and filter out tasks based on resource (staff member) or object (equipment or inspection round).

Task assignment

Assign and reassign tasks to individual team members.


Move tasks to a different date or time with drag-and-drop.

Push notifications

Send push notification reminders to employees to ensure no task is forgotten.
The planning tool is a direct result of our close collaboration with our customers and the challenges they experience. By adding resource planning to our suite of features, we help companies schedule and assign tasks in a more flexible and efficient way.
Håkan Holmgren, CEO and founder of CheckProof

Get everyone on the same page (and platform)

The planning tool integrates seamlessly with your customized CheckProof platform. Any updates or notes you make to a task in the planning tool on your desktop will also appear in real-time on the assigned employee’s personal to-do list in their mobile app.

And vice versa – all changes and notes made by frontline staff are directly synced with what you as a manager see in the desktop view. For example, a frontline user can skip a task and enter a note on why it wasn’t needed that day, temporarily assign a task to a coworker, and tag team members directly in the app.

As a result, everyone is kept up to date with the status of all tasks that are relevant to them. And since everything is logged automatically in the platform, you can always go back to see what has (and hasn’t) been done in the past.

By adding the planning tool to your maintenance platform, you take two of CheckProof’s main benefits – full documentation and instant communication – to the next level.

Ready to step up your resource planning tool?

If your company is already using our platform, just get in touch with us to find out how to upgrade. Not an active CheckProof user yet? Start by booking a 30-minute demo.