High standard Quality your customers can trust

Digitize all steps of your Quality process

Empower your Team to perform top-class quality work and facilitate Continuous Improvement to strengthen company value.

A full-scaled toolbox for Quality Management

Quality controls


Lab tests

 End product requirements



CE marking and ISO standards

Internal audits

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Mobile first checklists and case reporting

Frontline is key

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” By digitizing frontline work, you get full visibility to each step of your quality process, providing insight on deviation trends and the root of quality issues.

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Quality checks consistency

Use digital checklists with step-by-step guides, mandatory fields, and image documentation to make it easier to get consistency, regardless of when the check is performed or by whom.

Nailing your routines

Routines for inspections are crucial, not only for improvements but to comply with requirements from external actors or ISO standards. Push notifications connected to scheduled controls and an easy-to-use Frontline tool help strengthen your routines.

Overview of recurring deviations

Digital reporting enables large amounts of data. To manage your data, CheckProof admin panel enables you to categorize, filter and search - helping you find exactly what you're looking for and give you insights on quality trends.

Full documentation and traceability

You can easily find issues years back in time and learn about how specific issues were solved. Digital documentation also comes in handy when managing warranty claims och complaints.

Deliver outstanding final products

Digitally include your Frontline to quickly adapt to adjustments during production. Increasing high-level customer satisfaction.

The quality control of products that leave our factory, and the visibility of our production status have been improved.

Sven Hoerschkes, Global Product Director Cone Crusher, Screens, Feeder & Feeder Breakers FLSmidth

Continuous Improvement

Don't let hard work go to waste. Learn from your experiences and go from reactive to proactive. For large scaled companies an enormous amount of data is collected from the production chain, making it almost impossible to handle without a digital structure.

Digital transformation not only increases the amount of accessible data but also the quality of data. Taking continuous improvement to a whole new level.

CheckProof facilitates Continuous Improvement

Your digital management system

Stay confident that your company follows current requirements and regulations. And give employees the tools they need to succeed in their daily work. When digitizing you add smoothness to your workflows. No more chain of emails, calls, and non-answers. Information stay put and isn't depending on individual experience or knowledge.

Relaxed man working in a warehouse

Get everyone on the same track

Build team consensus and the structure to ensure the same procedures every day, regardless of personnel changes or others, to reach your goals. An easy-to-use platform that enables everyone to be involved, always knowing what to do and when helps a positive outcome. Smart features like step-by-step guides and photo documentation also minimize workflow disruptions.

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Improve quality team work
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