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Optimize your rental fleet management

Which machines or vehicles are ready to rent out right now? When were they last serviced? What deviations do they have before renting out? And who’s liable for repair costs if an object is damaged on return? Keeping track of a large and diverse fleet of heavy-industry rental equipment is no easy task. Unless you use CheckProof’s mobile-first platform.


Ineffective rental fleet management is harming your business

To serve customers in construction, infrastructure, and other sectors relying on heavy machinery, you need to be available where they are – and offer maximum asset uptime. But with your staff scattered across different locations, effective maintenance routines and information sharing are challenging. You’ll have little or no overview of what has and hasn’t been done on each object, both in terms of preventive maintenance and urgent repairs.

This lack of traceability is costing you money through:

High asset TNA (time not available) = loss of revenue

Poor internal communication = information falls through the cracks

Non-existing documentation = you pay for damages caused by customers

Here’s how our mobile-first platform can help:

Quicker check in and out

Speed up your equipment turnover through increased efficiency when objects are checked in and out of your facilities.

Customized checklists

Create customized checklists for your rental equipment maintenance with predefined schedules for each asset (and monitor whether or not routines are being followed).


Stream your OEM telematics data into the platform to automatically trigger maintenance tasks based on actual usage.


Maintain complete and time-stamped documentation of the current condition and servicing history of all objects in your fleet, including photos.

Improved communication

Improve communication between field mechanics, service engineers, rental depot staff, and administrators through instant digital reporting.
The investment in CheckProof repaid itself in a week or so in the form av repair costs that we would have otherwise had to pay ourselves.
Anders Hedlöf, CEO Arema Rental
Customer Stories

3 ways to optimize your rental operations with CheckProof

1. Quicker equipment turnover with streamlined processes

Turnover speed is crucial when running a profitable rental operation. With CheckProof, you can digitize and streamline your processes for check-outs and returns. Our mobile-first platform also enables instant defect reporting to ensure repairs and servicing are done as quickly as possible. And by integrating CheckProof with your current rental software, the status of the machinery will be updated in real-time to make sure frontline and office are always on the same page. All in all, this helps you minimize the TNA (time not available) for each object in your fleet.

2. Optimized maintenance for maximum availability

You want to provide your customers with top-quality equipment that brings maximum value to their projects. You also want to optimize the lifespan and ROI of your fleet. To achieve both, you need effective routines for your rental equipment maintenance. In CheckProof, you can easily create customized programs for time- and usage-based maintenance, as well as delivery and return inspections, for each of your objects. Are you renting out equipment long-term? Share your maintenance checklist with the customer to make sure they look after your equipment correctly.

3. Complete traceability through digital documentation

Have you ever had a discussion with a customer over who’s liable for damages or cleaning costs? Do you wish there was a way to prove an object's exact condition when it left your facility – and what it looked like on return? Well, now you can. With CheckProof, you’ll have a complete digital record of everything from reported defects and service actions to the time of return – including photos. No more arguments. It’s all in the app.

How are other equipment rental companies using our platform?


“We’re finding the app indispensable now”

Hanlon Loader Hire offers mobile plant equipment all across the UK. Find out how they went from inefficient paperwork to service engineers submitting reports instantly from their mobile phones. After implementing the CheckProof platform in just two weeks, they can now respond more quickly to customers’ needs – and maintain full traceability for all assets.

“We have complete control over what’s been done on all units”

Arema Rental is one of Sweden’s leading providers of heavy construction machinery. Discover how they’re using CheckProof to improve their delivery and return inspections, documentation, service, maintenance, and internal communication.

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