Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

When visiting our website, we use cookies and other similar technologies. These cookies may process information about you as a visitor, your preferences, what webpages you visit and what you read on our website, as well as information about the device you use while visiting our website.

The purpose of our cookies and the information they gather is to

  • Adapt the content on our webpage based on your previous visits and geographical location.
  • Deliver and adapt our webpage and our services to the device and the browser you are using when visiting the webpage.
  • Develop and improve our services and the experience of visiting our website.
  • Measure and analyze traffic on the website and our different webpages.
  • Direct advertisement to visitors and analyzing target groups for marketing purposes.

You can choose to not allow certain types of cookies by deactivating certain categories of cookies. Please be advised that deactivation of certain cookies may impair the functioning of the website.

The legal basis for processing with respect to necessary cookies – cookies that are necessary for the website to function properly – is that we have a justified interest in ensuring that the webpage functions in a satisfactory way.

As for cookies that are not necessary – cookies used for analyzing and marketing purposes – the legal basis for processing is your consent.