Digital Incident & Case Management with App reporting

Unite Frontline and back-office to get outstanding workflows, keep on top of improvements, and stay safe.

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A powerful tool for crucial tasks

Make it easier for everyone to report critical matters or to share ideas on how to prevent and improve. When an issue is reported, it triggers a predefined workflow of required steps to follow before it can be cleared and closed.

Incidents (Accidents and Near miss)

Safety Observations


Suggestions of Improvement

Involve everyone in your HSE work

Set a CheckProof structure

Set up templates and workflows according to requirements and company action plans. Customize templates for different types of incidents and in accordance with company KPIs to increase the chances of achieving your goals.

Appoint responsible

Take photos and attach to the incident report

Predefined workflows

Create and set categories

Anonymous reporting

Templates and workflows for incident management

Example of usage


Instant reporting when an accident or a near miss occurs. With your predefined templates and workflow, you get all the information you need to be able to identify causes and work preventative.

Safety observations

Easily accessible forms that are easy to fill out, lead to increased reporting of deficiencies - which in turn leads to a safer workplace.


Use case reporting for complaints, both internally and externally, for example by enabling complaints to be submitted into CheckProof with a URL link on your web site.

Suggestions of Improvement

Don't risk loosing the next best ideas! Raise team knowledge and experience by enabling an easy accessible way to suggest improvements. With appointed responsible you ensure feedback to promote a company-wide improvement culture.

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Easy to report. For anyone.

Minimize factors standing in the way between documentation and your Team's safety. Enable everyone to access digital forms, even non CheckProof-users. Report from the app, your laptop or via a public URL link.

Frontline worker using mobile app for incident reporting

Predefined Workflow

Digital predefined workflows for Incident & Case ManagementImage

1. Report

Instant reporting with customized forms in our user-friendly app or admin panel, or via URL link for externals.

2. Completion

Complete the report if necessary by, for example, tag people to take pictures, get equipment meter readings, or make additional comments.

3. Risk Assessment & Investigation

Your information is weighted in a pre-set matrix to provide you with a solid Risk Assessment. With 5 why-method, you easily conduct causal analysis by answering automatically generated questions.

4. Actions

Act and delegate based on high-standard information, knowing that your decisions are well anchored. Assign responsible for measures and get notifications when updates are made.

5. Follow-Up

With all case related elements placed in one spot, you are able to get the whole picture. History and statistics allow you to see patterns and deal with the root of causes rather than taking selective measures.

6. Done!

Congratulations to a well structured action plan with a seamless workflow!


Do you know what it's like to repeatedly look for bits and pieces of information, in numerous different places?

Discover the ease of having everything gathered in one single spot. Get an organized, clear view of all cases, with statistics, status, and history! Compare over time and get results from learning. Export to PDF to share internally, with authorities or other externals.

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