APIs & integrations with well-known manufacturers

Connect your fleet and existing systems to CheckProof, stream telematics data in real time, and get a full overview of your assets.


What are APIs & integrations?

API is short for Application Programming Interface. Put simply, it’s a method for getting different systems to “talk to each other”. Through an API, one application can efficiently communicate with another to create an integration between them. This way, information can be sent and received automatically.

Telematics and IoT for a connected plant

In heavy industries, integrations are often associated with telematics and IoT (Internet of Things), i.e. the technologies needed for a connected plant. CheckProof has pre-built integrations with Volvo, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Scania, Terex, and several other manufacturers.

This way, you can stream data such as location, operating time, fuel levels, and more – straight from your fleet into your CheckProof platform. Our user-friendly interface helps you turn this information into insights on trends and potential areas of improvement. You can also use it to trigger different maintenance tasks. 

Frontline worker uses AEMP2 to get machine data into mobile app

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Here’s how you can use CheckProof’s integrations

CheckProof’s built-in integrations are set up using an API called AEMP 2.0, in accordance with industry standards for construction businesses and fleets. This means you can manage telematics data from a variety of machines and vehicles of several different brands, all on the same platform. You can also combine this data with deviations reported by your frontline employees to follow up on ongoing issues and make sure routines are followed. 

Examples of data that CheckProof can import through AEMP 2.0:

Geographic location

Operating time

Fuel consumption


Fuel levels

Load in numbers

Total payload

Error codes

External API for endless possibilities

In addition to pre-built integrations with well-known OEMs, CheckProof also offers an external API that enables integrations with other types of systems and assets.

For example, the Swedish companies Granitor and Hyrma have built their own integrations with our platform in order to increase the value to our shared customers. You can also connect our platform to systems like Tableau and Power BI. That way, you can visualize the data you collect through CheckProof into comprehensible reports.

Why not merge data from CheckProof with your time reporting tool or financial system? The possibilities are almost endless. Find out how to connect to our external API using the link below, or get in touch with us to discuss the potential usages in your business.

External API
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Smart IoT device for usage-based maintenance (UBM)

The CheckProof development team has created a software for Pigeon devices, which enables you to transfer operating data directly from your process units to our platform, without having to first set up integrations from your control systems. You can select up to eight measurable factors – for example operating hours or produced quantity – and use them as triggers for maintenance routines via your CheckProof platform. Contact us to learn more about this feature.
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Benefits of using CheckProof’s integrations

Ensure all routines are carried out timely and correctly

Base decisions regarding repairs or purchases of your machines on accurate data

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your operations

Increase control of your fuel and maintenance costs

No need to log in to several different systems to search for information

Gather telematics data from a diverse fleet in the same platform

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