API & Integrations

CheckProof provides an external JSON REST API for integrations with third parties. To acquire access to the API, please contact us.

Dev Docs
Frontline worker inspects yellow machine with mobile integration

Time to go truly digital

CheckProof shapes the future way of working and we are happy to do it together!
Integrating with other systems is part of our mission to always provide the best possible outcome for our users. Connect your existing systems and stream data from leading manufacturers and suppliers directly into CheckProof.

Illustration of CheckProof software integrations

Keep track of your assets

With our fixed AEMP2 integration, CheckProof can stream meter readings, geographical location, error codes, and more directly from your machines. All your physical assets being transferred into a digital structure with automatic updates in nearly real-time. Combine with reported deviations to get full coverage on issues. Ensure that routines are followed on all of your machines. Examples of supported AEMP2 data sources:

Last known position

Operating Hours

Cumulative fuel used

Cumulative Idle operating hours used

Fuel remaining ratio

Cumulative load count

Cumulative payload total

Diagnostic fault codes

Frontline worker uses AEMP2 to get machine data into mobile app

External API

Use our external API to pull data or integrate Checkproof into your existing systems. Get realtime meter readings and alarms from your processing plant directly in CheckProof

API Illustration
Factory production line connected to CheckProof

Connected Plant

With our CheckProof Pigeon solution you get valuable data without costly integrations.