RFID: When you need to be sure that the job is done

Checks and follow-ups are essential when it comes to preventing accidents and breakdowns in your facility. That’s why more than 8000 users across the globe are already utilizing CheckProof’s app for routines, checklists, and reporting. With our RFID feature, we take our smart solution one step further.


Complete control with CheckProof’s RFID solution

As a manager, you want to be able to trust that your team always does their job the right way. But, at the same time, you know that human error is a consistent factor. With our RFID function, you minimize the risk of shortcuts being taken – regardless of the reason. The task at hand simply cannot be marked as done in the app without the person responsible having scanned the RFID tag attached to the relevant piece of machinery.

It also provides employees with peace of mind knowing they can go back and show a colleague or customer exactly what has been done, and when. This documentation also creates the basis for reporting to regulatory authorities.

CheckProof RFID features

Save time

Save time by quickly collecting relevant information from each unit

Crystal clear

Ensure that the right person has conducted the right check the right way


Log exactly what has been done and when, where, and by whom
For us at Cemex, it’s been a real game changer.
Paul Carey, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, CEMEX UK
Customer Stories

This is how it works

RFID is a new feature that can be added to any CheckProof subscription. The feature allows you to use CheckProof to not only ensure that everyone in your team knows exactly what needs to be done – and when and where – but also to add detailed information to each of your units as well as follow up on tasks in real time.


1. Apply

Attach an RFID tag to each piece of equipment, unit, or object that needs to be checked.

2. Customize

Create tailor-made checklists in CheckProof for each tag.

3. Scan

Your frontline employees scan the tag with their smartphones to confirm that the check has been completed.

Watch a short walkthrough video of RFID

Do you want to use RFID tags to save time, optimize your routines and ensure that checks are being carried out correctly? Watch an 11-minute video where CheckProof’s CEO Håkan Holmgren shows you the different areas of use and how to get started. You can also download the video and watch it whenever you like!
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