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It’s time to end
excessive idling

Excessive idling is harming both your business and the environment. By battling idle time across your organisation, you can significantly reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Are you ready to optimize your fleet?

Fleet optimization – here’s why it matters

The lifespan of your fleet is dependent on running time, which affects everything from service intervals and leasing costs to second-hand value. So to maximize the return on your investment, you need to optimize your running time. And when it comes to fuel costs and CO2 emissions, they’ll remain the same – regardless of whether your machines are running productively (and creating value) or not. In the light of rising fuel prices: how is idling impacting your business today?

3 negative impacts of excessive idling:

Low productivity

Waste of resources

High environmental impact


Tackle excessive idling on two fronts

Removing idling altogether is not a realistic goal – but significantly reducing it is. To succeed, you need to tackle the issue on two fronts: by monitoring real-time data on fuel consumption and idling, while also motivating your frontline staff to change their behavior.

Leverage data through APIs and integrations

Let’s start with the data, since what doesn’t get measured cannot be improved. By streaming telematics data from your equipment manufacturers into your digital maintenance system, you can monitor fuel consumption and idle time across your fleet in real-time. 

The data lets you compare results over time and between sites to track progress and discover where there’s room for improvement. This requires having the right APIs and integrations in place.

Use gamification to drive behavioural change

Let's face it: excessive idling comes down to bad habits. Leaving the engine running while waiting or taking a short break may not seem like a big deal. But with a large fleet, those minutes quickly add up to huge amounts of fuel and money wasted. Sparking – and sustaining – behavioral change is difficult, especially top-down. A manager can repeatedly remind frontline staff to follow protocol, only to see them fall back into old habits after a few days. Gamification is a much more effective way to drive change from the ground up. It motivates, engages, and incentivises your employees to form lasting positive habits.

Want to reduce your idle time by 25%?

Learn how Fleet optimization has helped other companies to succeed


Data integration + gamification
= Fleet optimization

CheckProof’s Fleet optimization uses the combined strength of data and gamification to reduce idling across your fleet. This can significantly reduce your company’s fuel costs and carbon footprint.

With the Fleet optimization feature activated in your CheckProof platform, you can:

Visualize real-time data collected through APIs and built-in integrations with well-known OEMs such as Volvo, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Scania, and Terex.

Monitor, benchmark, and compare active and idle time between machines, vehicles, and sites.

Let frontline employees engage in friendly competition to see which team can reduce their idling the most.

Use push and pull factors to reward good behavior and follow up where a change is needed.


Fleet optimization - designed to make a difference

For Managers

Monitor the percentage of active and idle time of your fleet with real-time telematics data.

Make relevant comparisons between machines or vehicles within the same category, or between different sites across your organization.

Detect patterns and deviations that require action.

Create an internal ranking to reward the best-performing teams or individuals.

For Frontline staff

Easy accessible scoreboard displayed at the top bar every time the app is opened, for example when carrying out a maintenance check.

Follow the current results and ranking of your own machine or team, based on how much of the total running time in the last seven days was made up of idling.

Get a constant reminder to turn off the engines whenever possible to beat the competition.

Checkproof has changed our world. It’s brought more than we ever expected.
Kevin Cage, Head of UK Operations, CEMEX UK
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