Mobile-first Checklists & Audits

Take your checklists one step further.
Make Frontline inspections and reporting easier than ever.

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Ace the basics

To succeed at large, it's the day-to-day stuff that matters. Smart, digital, innovative and customized, makes this the next generation checklists. Apply anywhere audits and documentation are needed to secure high standard HSEQ and Production.

Quality Controls

Safety Rounds & Risk Assessments

Maintenance Inspections

Production Journals

Mobile checklists for frontline workers

Customized checklists

You don't just build checklists, you build structure.

With drag and drop, you easily build your checklists and templates for mobile reporting. Choose from a wide range of control points such as signing, numerical value, mandatory picture and more. Add smartness to facilitate Frontline work. It's flexible and scalable to grow with your success.

Not your ordinary checklist

Add step-by-step picture guides

Set up intervals based on calendar or operating hours

Make tasks mandatory

Enable photo and annotation

Appoint responsible

Connect correct info to control points, liquids etc.

Use Master checklists for mass editing

Dashboard with drag and drop to create your checklists

Example of usage

Quality Controls

Use for all types of checks and inspections in your quality process to make sure that you comply with regulations and standards, like ISO 9001. Quality checks for material, production, transport, delivery and more.

Maintenance Inspections

Digitize your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly inspections to extend the life of assets and keep production lines or facilities up and running consistently.

Safety Rounds & Risk Assessments

Use for hygiene checks, HSE rounds, equipment checks, use of chemicals and more. With instant traceability you stay on top of Risk Assessment, making sure the right measures are in place.

Production Journals

Keep it simple when it comes to valuable information. Make it possible to log conditions and outcomes on the fly. Use any mobile device for detailed, digitally stored documentation.

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Performing Audits & Inspections

Get Frontline routines in place with mobile first checklists and case reporting. No more looking for paper and binders or trying to find the right person for specific issues. Your team gets a straightforward workflow with the assurance of doing the right thing and knowing what they do make a difference.

Screenshot of Audits & Inspections with CheckProof App


Need to pause? No problem. Pause and save your work to resume at a later time or hand over checks and audits to a colleague to finish.

Offline mode

With offline mode, you don't need perfect reception or wifi when performing your tasks. Everything is saved and automatically submitted when reconnecting a network.

Photos & Annotations

Attach pictures to your checks for full documentation. Annotate when you need to highlight details or show deviations.

Assign responsible

Trim your efficiency by assigning groups or individuals as responsible when performing a check. It saves time and you don't need to keep a trillion things in mind.

Create a deviation from your checklist

If an issue should be detected when performing a check, the deviation can be created directly from the actual checklist.
Just to make things a bit easier!

Screenshot showing mobile checklist with step by step guide

Step-by-step guides

Facilitate controls and handovers by setting up step-by-step guides. Add pictures to avoid misunderstandings and language confusion. Works perfect for training and introduction for new employees or when implementing new equipment.

App Screenshot of my tasks list

My Tasks

With My Tasks, you always know what needs to be done and what tasks you are responsible for. Keep track of scheduled checks, services and deviations assigned to you. My Tasks are available in both the app and the admin panel.

Reports as clear as crystal

Get your detailed reports, the instant they are registered!
Providing you with direct information of who, when and where - in what department or region or by map view. Picture documentation confirms checks are performed correctly and can also visualize errors that occur.

Who performed it

Date and time

Map image showing where it was performed

Time required to perform

The questions that were answered

Reported deviations

Detailed reports directly from the Frontline

Follow up & Instant changes

Make your connected Frontline Team your eyes and extended arm, enable you to act in a flash. Use the admin panel as a main tool for collecting and managing information. Assign responsible for service or deviation and set deadlines. You can also streamline your ordering processes with external orders directly in CheckProof!

CheckProof admin panel used for follow up and instant changes to mobile checklists

Analyze and fine-tune

Track and report company performance with respect to ISO standards. Make adjustments for check intervals and services. Move employees between subsidiaries. Export to PDF and share reports with internal or external people.
OEM buyers and sellers can track maintenance together!

Dashboard with Frontline statistics

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